Will M. Helixon, Vice President

Will HelixonWill has extensive experience as a trial litigator. Prior to serving on active duty in the Army, Will defended clients in Texas criminal matters in a private firm. Will served on active duty as trial counsel, defense counsel, senior defense counsel, chief of the defense counsel assistance program, as brigade judge advocate to the renowned 173d Infantry Brigade Combat Team in Vicenza, Italy. Will also was selected to serve as one of the fifteen original Special Victim Prosecutors in the Army; his regional area of responsibility included the eastern portions of Germany, Italy, and the Balkans.

Will left active duty and worked in securities for a few years before launching a multi-disciplinary practice law firm known as the Helixon Group. The Helixon Group practices military court-martial defense and maintains a securities defense practice. Will continues to serve the nation as part of the reserve component and most recently worked as a regional defense counsel / trainer and as a regional special victim coordinator.

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