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In the recent swing of the pendulum the military justice system has left hundreds if not thousands wrongfully accused, wrongfully convicted, and wrongfully sentenced. If you or a loved have been negatively impacted by the military justice system, we want you to know and understand that this organization’s goal of “raising the bar” is in large part to ensure that these grievous failings do not happen to the next servicemember that stands falsely accused.

We welcome your support so that we may effectuate the most positive changes we can and to do so in the quickest timeframe possible. To contribute to the cause of reshaping military justice and to ensure the attorneys privileged to take up the case of our nation’s greatest heroes, please consider a financial donation [link to separate page that has two options – donation to lobbying efforts / donation to education fund for scholarship to attend CLE conference] to our organization. Please also consider donating your time [link to separate page with special contact for volunteers]. Together we can ensure that the IAMDL has the support it will need to continue its commitment that servicemembers receive the best possible representation when they are fighting for their livelihood and freedoms. Please help us “raise the bar.”

Donation to Lobbying Efforts

Congress is making increasing efforts to impact changes to the military justice system. Senators like Kristen Gillibrand are working hard to effectuate reforms to make convictions easier and steadfastly are making headway in further erosion of a military member’s rights and due process. We are not so naïve as to believe that change only comes from defense attorneys winning cases; our democracy such that it is today requires obtaining efforts to gain influence. Obtaining influence means making efforts to lobby the right change. Help us take back ground we have been steadfastly losing since 1 October 2007.

Donation to Education Fund for Scholarship to Attend CLE Conference

Not every attorney member has the resources to attend the International Association of Military Defense Lawyer’s Continuing Legal Education training events. Your generous donation can provide funds through scholarship to allow more attendees to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the best possible defense for our nation’s heroes. Help us create a new generation of those best equipped to answer the call to stand ready in defense of our heroes.

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Members and Non-Members may be moved to impact the goals of the organization. IAMDL welcomes many forms of contributors. Help us “Raise the Bar.”