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April 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Leader’s Corner

May 23, 2018 Top Ten Practice Points in Military Justice Motions Practice 1. Avoid the Temptationto Cut and Paste (or to encourage others to cut and paste) from a Motions…
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IAMDL is working hard to finalize courses and curriculum for our inaugural Military Justice Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

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Take Back Military Justice

Ensuring that only the best advocates are ready to do all possible within the current military justice framework is our hallmark.

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IAMDL Leaders Corner

Read IAMDL President Jocelyn C. Stewart’s message for IAMDL visitors and members.

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News and Research: Sponsorship

In the contemporary system  of the multi-disciplinary approach, the International Association of Military Defense Lawyers (IAMDL) would be remiss if we did not entertain thoughts of permitting non-attorney businessmen, non-profit organizations,  and individuals to provide sponsorship for our organization. Applicants should have goals and ideas in keeping with those of IAMDL. Serious Inquiries only.

IAMDL’s Board of Directors reserves the right to deny any application for sponsorship ant to revoke sponsorship status based on failing to uphold the ideals that IAMDL sets up for the organization.

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