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The International Association of Military Defense Lawyers will form committees with committee chairs to work to propose amendments to improve the practice. For instance we envision proposing updates to rules of practice that include digital media. Likewise, we seek to ensure uniform practices across all service courts to require basic standards such as standardized notice of appearance memoranda.

We will be proposing amendments to ethics standards (and the processes that handle infractions) in military justice practice for defense counsel and military prosecutors.

Perhaps most revolutionarily, we will propose added requirements for civilian practitioners desiring to practice before military courts-martial (including CLEs on military practice and military advocacy specific topics).

We intend to propose heightened scrutiny and a transparent process to police those that prosecute and defend military service members. Our heroes deserve better than they have been receiving. U.S. v. Stellato

Likewise, we want to form committees to collaborate with community organizations to propose legislative / statutory amendments to address particular deficiencies and to cure highlighted and apparent ills. In the last decade the service member has seen a systematic erosion of his rights like no other time in the military’s history. It is time to take back some of the ground we have lost.

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