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The International Association of Military Defense Lawyers works to enhance the practice of military justice by promoting collaboration among our members and educating lawyers to be exemplary, ready advocates for those who stand ready to support our national defense.

The International Association of Military Defense Lawyers will offer annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training to uniformed and civilian defense practitioners to ensure that all are as ready to represent our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines, and Coastguardsman as they are to defend us. These programs are being designed by exceptional faculty with a long standing commitment to excellence in military practice. We want to provide our members with the knowledge, advocacy training, tools, and resources to achieve best results for those we are honored to represent. No other military specific CLE exists to date. It is time for change…”to raise the bar” of military justice practice. Our nation’s heroes deserve the best.

  • Provide resources to defense attorney members (e.g., newsletters, potential brief bank)
  • Establish a platform for debate on best practices or current topics
  • Coordinate outreach to offer training to military defense offices / conferences
  • Field questions from the attorney members on current cases
  • Develop CLE curriculum including current case wrap-ups for an annual conference that the organization hosts.
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International Association of Military Defense Lawyers

For Service Members Facing Potential Adverse Action (Administrative or Criminal, UCMJ)

  • Provide Centralized Contact Information on military defense offices in all branches at all offices through coordinating with defense offices;
  • Provide Information on civilian defense attorney members through a Lawyer Locator feature
  • Provide content / resources to service members and their families to educate themselves on UCMJ investigations, CMs, etc. Transparency of process breeds better representation
  • Provide transparency to service members with ethics complaints against attorneys by providing centralized place for content on how complaints can be lodged, the process for lodging a complaint (e.g., AR 27-1 investigations / SOCO, state bar complaints, etc.)
  • Provide a mechanism for questions / consultations for service members and / or their loved ones dealing with the stress of a potential allegation and / or pending investigation

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Consultations are for service members or loved ones to inquire about resources for their military legal defense.

The mission of the International Association of Military Defense Lawyers is to “raise the bar” of military justice practice – by empowering its practitioners towards learned, purposeful, zealous, and ethical representation of service members, to guarantee for each clients those rights demanded by the U.S. Constitution and guaranteed them by their military status and – by educating the public and legal professionals at large to the role of these rights and their necessities in a free society.

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Education & Events

IAMDL is working hard to finalize courses and curriculum for our inaugural Military Justice Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

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Take Back Military Justice

Ensuring that only the best advocates are ready to do all possible within the current military justice framework is our hallmark.

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IAMDL Leaders Corner

Read IAMDL President Jocelyn C. Stewart’s message for IAMDL visitors and members.

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